Korab Mountain –  Small Korab  2,683 m

“unique in its beauty”

Korab Mountain -  Small Korab  2,683 m

The Korab mountain massif rises from the right valley side of the Radika River, that is, on the west side of the Mavrovo National Park, in the final western part of the Republic of Macedonia.

The Korab massif consists of three mountains, which complement each other in the direction from north to south (Korab, Desat and Krchin). The boundary between them is difficult to determine. For the people living in the foot of this mountain massif, for the northern part, the name Korab is known, for the central Deshat, and for the southern part Krchin. The Golem Korab Mountain rises in the northern part of the Korab mountain range, on the move from the peak of Sherupa 2,092 m to the north, to the high-mountain zone Deshat 1,959 m to the south, with a length of 26 km.

The highest peak is Golem Korab 2,764 / 2,753 m.

Among the high mountain peaks there are high mountain passes, among which more significant are:

  • Golema Korabska Vrata 2,062 m,
  • Mala Korabska Vrata 2,460 m
  • Ciganski Premin 2,300 m.

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The soul of the Northern Mountains


Korab Mountain

Unique in its beauty – the unique and most beautiful peak Mali Korab

The soul of the Northern Mountains

Small Korab
Small Korab
Small Korab
Small Korab