Dautica Mountain – Plavnik  2.126 m

“unique in its beauty”

Dautica Mountain - Plavnik  2.126 m

The Dautica mountain massif, among the population, there is a tradition about the origin of the name of Dautica, in which it is said that it comes from the personal name of one of its damned inhabitants and footmen. Tradition says that the mountain got its name from Daut, who settled with his family in the (unknown) village of Čeples on this part of the mountain.

Among the high mountain peaks there are high mountain passes, among which more significant are:

  • Kurtovica 1.682 m,
  • Dautica 2.178 m
  • Plavnik 2.126 m.

The soul of the Northern Mountains


Dautica Mountain

Unique in its beauty – the unique and most beautiful peak Mali Korab

The soul of the Northern Mountains

Small Korab
Small Korab