Shar Mountain -  Plat

2,456 m

“unique in its beauty”

Shar Mountain -  Plat  2,465 m

Peak located in one of the most beautiful areas of the Sarplanina. on its eastern side, there is a beautiful peak Sreden kamen, which is separated from a beautiful area called Gorna lešnica. It is an area full of streams, waterfalls of mountain springs flowing from the north side, creating a beautiful area rich in forests, which are home to a large number of wild animals. It is an area where you can see herds of chamois and very frequent encounters with the brown bear that uses ridges to move from one area to another in front of the mountain. An area with very inaccessible steep rocks that can only be climbed by chamois. The view from the top is especially fascinating in the spring months when torrents of streams flow into a valley full of intoxicating flowers.

The soul of the Northern Mountains



view of the mountain top the Middle Stone 2,456 m in the middle and on the very left side is visible Tito’s peak 2.747 m

The soul of the Northern Mountains