The soul of the Northern Mountains

Absolutely stunning landscape capture in the distance, the roughness and beauty of the landscape of the endless game of nature, it is the power that fills your soul. I find silence and serenity in myself when I spend time in nature and feel its authenticity. When the blizzard is raging, when the rain and the wind make animals and people seek shelter, or when night descends over the forest. For me, it is not only about getting the perfect picture of an animal or a bird but more about capturing the uniquely intense mood or feeling that I only experience in the wild nature.

“I believe that if everyone took the time to experience nature, we would see our planet with other eyes and treat it with greater respect. Perhaps it all starts with fascination, which is followed by the desire to take care. I hope my pictures can contribute to create this fascination.” 

a view into the wilderness

tracks in the snow
The mist of inaccessible forests
my way

“The world is full of great and wonderful things for those who are ready for them.”
Tove Jansson