The storm causes the snow to swirl above the frozen land, and the mountains in front of me disappear in a total whiteout. There is a certain peace in such a roaring blizzard.

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Frozen Mountains

While hiking in the northern mountains region, I could see the country where they live. Frozen water, frozen stone, frozen dry grass squeaking underfoot the sound that gives you in infinite peace that you are there somewhere in the soul of the mountain…..   …  ..   .

Fog of Inaccessible Peaks

Stone, fog, the sound of the wind, hiking on long trails to reach a point where you can feel the wild world, a world unknown to the hidden spirit……   …  ..   .

“I believe that if everyone took the time to experience nature, we would see our planet with other eyes and treat it with greater respect. Perhaps it all starts with fascination, which is followed by the desire to take care. I hope my pictures can contribute to create this fascination.” 

Into to wild


World of Trees

Frozen world - Blizzard

My Dream Of The Wolf

From the small window I could see the wild land, mountain peaks, meadows, rocks. Only ice and mountains, nothing else. A frozen world with no signs of life. the northern mountains are destroying the king of the mountains and I will spend the next few days chasing my dream – the dream of seeing and maybe even photographing a wolf.