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“The Ghost in Yellow grass”

No matter how good a photo is, sometimes there is a sad end behind it.

I met him for the first time 5-7 years ago when I was waiting for him hidden, he didn’t expect me to be there, he was at a distance of 5-7 meters from me, that’s when I took his first photos.

He was as confused as I was, after following him for months I often watched him, certainly from a distance, but a very interesting friendship began. As time passed, many times he did not hide and showed me the paths through the meadows and small groves
I realized that his litter was nearby.

"Reconnect with nature"

Golden Jackal - Golden

That day I saw tracks on the ground, I knew they were his, unfortunately the tracks themselves showed that he was in a bad condition. I knew his step, which I had seen many times.
Unfortunately, I bumped into his helpless body.
He will remain in my memories, he will have a special place in my book in my book about wild animals and the wild world, although I wanted to make a book about him and his life,
remembering that wonderful period when we met and made a special contact that cannot be described simply.
I hope that I will be able to photograph his descendants, although I do not know if I will be able to achieve the kind of contact that I have with him.

"Reconnect with nature"

“Pizza & Pasta Enriko”

The Enriko Pizzeria was opened on September 28, 1991, which makes it a pioneer in the preparation of Italian food in Skopje.
“Pizza & Pasta Enriko” supports the project of wildlife photography and nature landscapes, approach and preservation of nature and wildlife.
More at the following link:

"Reconnect with nature"

Fine Art Prints

A selection of my favourite photographs, printet on the highest quality fine art paper, Hahnemuhle FineArt, Inc. signed and sent to you.

Series of photos are signed and with the purchase you will receive a certificate with information about the originality of the image.

"Reconnect with nature"

Event 2023

EXO Filmfest

We present to you the winning 3 photos of this year's Contest for the best mountain photo at Echo 2023:

1 place – Dejan M. Sajkovski, Man and Mountain
A photo that shows the size of a mountain or a hill is not small in its comparison.
A photograph with powerful leading lines that already at first glance brings you to the subject and I narrate its display. Textured like the Carpathians, tall compared to human size, deep and calculated
the rule of thirds (the main subject is represented in one of the thirds of the photos) is part of the technical rules that apply to this photo. A clearly presented landscape of angles that can evoke different emotions in the viewer, fear of heights, fear of the unknown, excitement, adventure, power…
The photos in their original format can be viewed on our FB profile, and soon in the posts on our website.

"Reconnect with nature"
23-27 Oct. 2023


Visit of young photographers at the American School of Macedonia.

Meetings and conversations with young talented photographers from the photo workshop at the American School of Macedonia. 
I would also like to thank Professor Olivia and the beautiful photography-loving students who warmly welcomed me.
I hope that the posters will spread the word of the photo workshop and encourage more interest and creativity in photography, and most importantly, photography will bring you closer to nature. Signed posters a gift from the heart for young talented photographers.

"Reconnect with nature"