Chasing Lighting

“The Mystical World of Lighting”

A World of Fire and Storm

As a soul, I searched the cosmos, looking for just the right opportunity, a place where I could explore the mysteries of existence, learn lessons, grow in compassion, live through a wide range of experiences from the bleakest tragedies to the most uplifting inspirations. My choices were endless; I looked at worlds upon worlds; through vast dimensions of possibilities.

I chose this place, this life, this tribe, this family and this time in a world that would be in flux, a world in crisis, a world of fire and storm. It was exactly here, this place and time that held the greatest possibilities for my searching, yearning soul. It was absolutely perfect.

And then almost immediately upon arriving, I forgot. For much of my life, I was lost in the struggle. But slowly, the voice of my soul began to rise up in joy, in delight, and in appreciation for the particular circumstances that had the power to unlock the great soul-treasures within. 

Those same particular circumstances have been puzzling and often disturbing to my little self who only wants to be loved, to attain success, comfort, or pleasure, or to fix the world that seems broken.