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Thank you so much for visiting my website. I hope you like it and find what you are looking for. With my backpack and camera I’m mostly on the road looking for everything the world has to offer.

The philosophy that drives my photographic journey was developed through these adventures. It developed by meeting people of different cultures, both locals and travelers, and continued to progress as I found myself completely immersed in nature, freezing in icy mountain landscapes disorientated in a dense forest. These and many other moments I stood in awe and realized that another little piece of me had changed for the better.

Backpack and camera in hand, I will continue to capture the moments, places and people that make me feel alive.

Then I will share it with you!

If you are interested to purchase one or more of my pictures so please don’t hesitate to contact me.

The soul of the Northern Mountains

A ghost in the golden grass

waiting for time to pass slowly, the sun begins to rise, immersed in nature listening to the first birds singing their unique morning song, I wait for it to appear. It’s been a long time since she passed this way. nature has its own rules. The chirping of the birds has stopped, a strange silence permeates the thick grass, a jackal has appeared.

The soul of the Northern Mountains

Queen of Inaccessible Peaks

Walking along the edge of the rocks, I could see the land they lived on. rocks and blocks of stones. A stone world at first sight without signs of life. These are the parts of the rocky mountain landscape where I will spend my days chasing my dream – the dream of photographing her life as a chamois queen.

The soul of the Northern Mountains

My Dream Of The Lynx

From the small window I could see the wilderness, mountain peaks, meadows, rocks. Just ice and mountains, nothing else. A frozen world with no signs of life. the northern mountains are destroying the king of the mountains and for the next few days I will be chasing my dream – the dream of seeing and maybe even photographing a wolf in the wild.


World of Trees

Frozen world - Blizzard

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