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  • "As a Vice President of Pediatric association of Macedonia for four years and as a President of the Pediatric Association of Macedonia for the next four years I have cooperated with Dejan Sajkovski for fully 8 years. We have worked on the educational projects were he has been active on the preparation of the printed materials (books of abstracts, posters, accreditation cards….) as like on the 3-D animations for the presentations as like for the introducing the educational projects. He had worked also in the preparation of the web site as like on the web based education."

    S.Aleksandar MD PhD - Vice President of Pediatric association of Macedonia

  • "I have known Dejan for the best part of my life, and I can say without any hesitation that he is one of the most sincere, reliable, and honest people, apart from being a true professional in what he does. Dejan has been doing designs and animations for us for almost 10 years now. Our clients include some of the most notable companies in the automotive industry in Canada, and the internet marketing industry in the USA."

    Alexandar Betinski - CEO AlexBet

  • "Dejan is one of the best graphic designers I've ever met, the stuff he could do in the Adobe Multimedia Software is amazing. He is very creative, and a pleasure to be around with. He is a dedicated and a trustworthy person and you knew you can always count on him to be there if you need him. I would highly recommend Dejan to anyone who needs graphic designing "

    Ilija Matoski - Software Engineering

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